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Our dentist and our team are dedicated to not just your smile but to you. We have a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere where we take the time to answer your questions and empower you to take charge of your oral health. Below, you can read what our patients have said about their visits with Dr. James McGrath. You can tell us about your experience at Apollonia Dental at our social media sites or by leaving a review here. You can also call Apollonia Dental at 860-704-8000 to begin your personalized dental treatments in Middletown, Connecticut.

Taking care of your families like they were ours!
Thank you Julia for the kind words. We work hard to care for each patient like they were a part of our own family. Kudos to you and your family for being committed to your health and allowing us to be of service!
Betty's new smile!
Betty came to us with recently done dental work that was falling apart. It's always traumatic for patients when this happens. Luckily, we were able to replace all of Betty's upper teeth in a day. Here is what she had to say!
Periodontal (Gum and Bone Loss Disease) Treatment
1/30/2014 This patient went through a periodontal (gum and bone disease) treatment and maintenance regimen. By working with his hygienist and being diligent at home, he is now maintaining his gum health with almost no bleeding in his mouth. This reduces his risk of heart problems and diabetes among other medical conditions. This is a perfect example of the patient-provider partnership leading to a great result! Way to go Mr. Russo - we're very proud of you!
Comfortable "Crowning"
1/28/2014 Mr. Mitchell Wynn mentioned to us how he was impressed with how we went about getting him numb and keeping him comfortable for his crown procedure.
Dental Implant Care at Apollonia Dental
We have several patients who have been pleasantly surprised with how easy and comfortable dental implants have been for them.