Teeth Bleaching vs Whitening

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Another satisfied teeth bleaching customer!
What’s bleaching you ask? Bleaching is the removal of stain from outside and inside of the teeth. It’s similar to bleaching your clothes. Bleaching can only be done at your dental office.
Whitening, which is the removal of outside stains from your teeth, can be done with most over the counter whitening products.
We encourage patients to think about the difference in these products and procedures and do what meets their goals. If you do decide to whiten with over the counter products, make sure to pick a non-abrasive material. A lot of whitening toothpastes remove external staining my being more abrasive than regular toothpaste. This means they wear down the enamel of your teeth on a microscopic level. As time passes, this can add up and increase sensitivity and open your teeth up, literally, to more cavities.
If you would like to talk about what options are best for you, please call us so we can discuss which option is best for you or a family member.