Migraine and Clenching Treatment

Are you one of the 23 million Americans who suffer from chronic, severe migraines? If so, you’ve probably tried everything to prevent and treat your migraines, from changing your diet to giving yourself injections of prescription drugs. 

You might be surprised to hear that the answer to preventing migraines might be available from your dentist.

How Can a Dentist Treat Migraines?

All people clench their teeth to some extent while they sleep. Some, however, clench their teeth so tightly that it causes the muscles in the face – and especially in their temples – to stay contracted all night long. 

To feel the effect for yourself, put your fingers against your temples and clench your teeth briefly. Feel the contraction? This irritates the nerves in the area, and experts believe that this tension and nerve irritation is linked to migraines.

At Apollonia Dental, we are able to provide you with an FDA-approved device that has been shown in clinical trials to reduce migraine frequency by 77% in 82% of migraine patients, a significant increase over the efficacy of medication, which often only has a brief window of time to start working in order to prevent the migraine. This migraine treatment in our Middletown, dentist office is now available

Preventing Migraines with the NTI-tss or similar device ...

The device we use to treat migraines is a small appliance that you wear in your mouth while you are sleeping. The appliance is worn between your front teeth. It moves your lower jaw slightly forward so that your back teeth don’t touch, stopping the clenching/muscle tension cycle before it can even start It may take a day or two to get used to wearing the device, but once you have, you’ll completely forget it’s there and sleep soundly through the night. Even better, you’ll wake up migraine free.

How Do I Get the NTI-tss Plus?

Call Apollonia Dental and schedule a consultation with Dr. James McGrath. He will discuss your migraine symptoms with you, including how often they occur, when they occur, and their intensity. It can be helpful to keep a journal of this information to help us better understand your condition. You’ll also discuss what you’ve tried in the past to treat your migraines.

The doctor will perform an examination to look for the telltale signs of teeth clenching. Unfortunately, while migraine headaches may be the most noticeable sign of clenching, it’s not the only one. Teeth clenching can also result in tooth erosion, inflammation in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ - the joint where your lower jaw hinges to your skull), and even loose teeth. We may perform x-rays.

If you have a documented history of migraines, your insurance may pay for part of your NTI-tss therapy. We’ll check with your insurance company to determine your coverage and we will also ask that you call and confirm this benefit yourself. In the event that your insurance does not cover this appliance, we do offer several financing options to help you get the treatment you need to put a stop to your chronic migraines.

Call today to schedule your examination and consultation so we can get you started living a migraine-free life. Or you can contact Apollonia Dental with the online form to the right today to discuss your migraine treatment in our Middletown, CT dental office.