Dentures and Partials

Dentures and Partial plates have been around as long as dentistry has been around. Dentures are the most economical way to replace as many of your missing teeth as possible. Each individual case is different so it is important to be evaluated so we can advise you on how to proceed. It is also important to remember that dentures are a good replacement for missing teeth; they are not a replacement for your natural teeth.  Dentures get their support from the remaining gum tissue and bone so if you have insufficient bone, your dentures may move or be loose and it would be necessary for your to use adhesives. Sometimes, dentures can be stabilized with the use of dental implants.


At Apollonia Dental, we provide two different types of Denture and Partials. The first type are interim or transitional dentures or partials. These are intended to provide a "space-holder" or cosmetic solution until more definite treatment can be performed. The second type are immediate or complete dentures and partials; these are intended to replace missing teeth or teeth that are removed the day the denture or partial are placed. The best way to determine which of these is the best option for you is to have a discussion with the dentist to find a solution that meets your cosmetic and functional expectations.


The time that it takes for dentures or partials to be made depends but is usually a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Costs are usually $800 and up depending on the patient's individual case. 


Don't wait too long to get your dentures as you could lose precious denture supporting bone while you wait.! Please feel free to use the online form to the right to contact us about Dentures and Partials or call our Middletown, CT office at 860-269-6735,