Dental Care and Coronavirus Precautions

If you are here, you are likely concerned about your safety while receiving dental care during the Coronavirus pandemic. You might be in need of regular dental care or something more urgent. We understand and share your concerns.  

Our dental practice has always uses universal precautions for infection control to reduce transmission of disease. All the water in the building goes through filtration and UV radiation. Our HVAC system is designed for air flow for a patient care environment. In addition to federal, state and local mandates, we have modified our protocols as follows:

  • Daily Evaluations and Discussion with our team with respect to their health and ability to deliver care safely.  
  • Individualized Screening of Patients based on risk assessment for Covid 19 exposure. 
  • Triage Patients based on clinical needs and risk profiles to separate locations in the practice or scheduling treatment out. 
  • Live Tele-Dentistry Consultations for high risk patients to treatment plan and coordinate appointment scheduling especially elderly and medically compromised individuals. 
  • Limiting Access to clinical area to individual patient, necessary clinicians and infection control vendors (after hours) only.
  • Staggered Appointments to facilitate social distancing. 
  • Frequent disinfection of all non-clinical contact surfaces, such as door knobs, waiting room chairs, etc.
  • Making Appropriate Referrals to dental specialists and other health care providers. 
  • Optional Complete All Forms and Consents Online on your personal mobile device or at home before your appointment.
  • Call-In from parking lot so you can be taken to your treatment room when it is available to reduce contact time in the waiting room.

Please feel free to talk to your provider about these precautions and how they might apply to you. Due to additional steps necessary to provide care, Appointments and Referrals are Based on Limited Availability

Thanks to the City of Middletown Department of Health for dropping off incredibly hard to find PPE supplies ... not expected and definitely appreciated!!