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What can I do to get whiter teeth?

No matter how vigilantly you brush, teeth tend to yellow over time. Certain foods such as coffee, curry, and red wine, as well as tobacco, can speed up the process and cause staining. If dull, stained, or yellowed teeth are making you reluctant to smile, Apollonia Dental is ready to help.

Our dental office in Middleton, CT offers several teeth whitening options ranging from home treatments to office treatments, including laser whitening. We can help you pick a teeth whitening regimen that fits your lifestyle and desired results.

Home teeth whitening treatments consist of custom-fitted trays that are filled with a special whitening gel and placed over your teeth to brighten your smile while you sleep. For deeper staining or yellowing we can perform a series of in-office whitening treatments using stronger solutions or laser whitening that can give you stunning results! No matter what your situation, we’re ready to help improve your smile.

Dr. Singh will perform an examination and discuss the options available to help you select the treatment that works best for you. Call our office to schedule a consultation and start on the path to a bright, sparkling smile that you’ll be proud to show the world!

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