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Why do you screen for oral cancer during check-ups?

Oral cancer traditionally has a low survival rate, primarily because it is caught too late, when the cancer is too far advanced to respond well to treatment. By carefully examining your mouth on a regular basis for any early abnormalities or potential signs of oral cancer, we can determine if further testing, including biopsy, is necessary. Early discovery of oral cancer gives you your best chances of survival and treatment.

You can also help detect oral cancer by keeping up your mouth's overall health. With a healthy mouth, gums, and tongue, you will be better able to detect abnormalities such as sore spots or lesions that do not heal on their own in a few weeks. If you have any lingering sores on your gums, tongue, or cheeks, be sure to mention it at your next exam. It may be an early sign of oral cancer.

With early detection and proper treatment, oral cancer is survivable. Your Middleton, CT dentist Dr. Singh wants to give you your best chance at survival, and if we detect anything suspicious, we will discuss treatment options with you. Call to schedule an exam today to screen for oral cancer and to learn how to keep your mouth happy and healthy.

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