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Why do you recommend composite resin restorations?

While metal restorations were the standard for decades, we believe that composite resin fillings are a superior product in many ways.

  1. Composite resin fillings can be shaded to match the color of your teeth perfectly, allowing them to blend in and become virtually invisible.
  2. Even when large amounts of restoration are involved (such as during a root canal), composite resin fillings won’t discolor your teeth.
  3. Composite resin fillings require less tooth prep, which means less removal of healthy tooth structure.
  4. Composite resin fillings actually bond to your tooth from the inside, strengthening and supporting the tooth.
  5. Because they are composed of resin instead of metal, composite fillings do not expand and contract in response to heat, which can cause metal fillings to become loose over time or even cause cracks in your teeth.
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