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Do I really need professional cleanings every six months? I brush and floss every day!

Even the best, most careful brushing and flossing habits can't get all of the bacteria present on your teeth. Hard-to-reach areas such as just below the gumline and in the spaces between teeth don't get clean despite your best efforts. Teeth can have microscopic pits and crevices in which bacteria just love to hide from your toothbrush and dental floss.

Regular cleanings with a dental hygienist allow us to clean these hard-to-reach places for you as well as check the health of your gums and enamel and prevent problems before they can develop into something requiring major treatment procedures. It also gives you the chance to speak to the hygienist and review your home treatment to ensure you are using the best, most effective brushing and flossing techniques and avoiding bad habits that can increase your risk of cavities.

Our professional, gentle hygienists want to help you prevent cavities before they get started. We know how to catch trouble spots and treat them early on before they can become a major problem, and we have a variety of products that we can recommend to help keep your teeth happy and cavity-free. Call our Middleton, CT dental office today to schedule an examination and cleaning!

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