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What kind of surgery is used to treat gum disease?

If it is caught and treated early enough, gum disease does not require surgery. However, if you have advanced periodontitis, the only way to treat your gum disease is with gum flap surgery.

Gum flap surgery consists of opening the gums to remove the tartar that has built up in the infected pockets. Once the tooth is clean, the gums are sutured snugly against the tooth. As the gums heal from surgery, they should heal against the tooth, eliminating the pockets created by the periodontitis. This procedure can alter the appearance of your teeth, making them look longer.

In cases of severe periodontitis involving loss of bone and gum tissue, we may recommend a bone or tissue graft to replace this lost mass. Bone grafting consists of placement of either synthetic bone or healthy bone material from another site to encourage bone regrowth. Tissue grafting is similar, using natural or synthetic tissue to replace lost gum tissue.

The success rates of bone and tissue grafts depend on many factors, including your dedication to home care, overall health, and how far the gum disease has progressed. We will do whatever we can to maximize your chance of successful grafts.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment if you think you have gum disease or if you need immediate treatment for gum disease.

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