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What causes cavities? What can I do to help prevent them?

Cavities are caused by bacteria on the enamel of your teeth. Over time, this bacteria softens the hard enamel, causing decay, toothaches, and other problems. The best way to treat decay is to prevent it before it starts!

Regular dental visits and cleanings are an important part of cavity prevention. The harmful bacteria in your mouth can repopulate in as little as three months after a cleaning. Most dental insurance covers cleanings every six months; depending on many factors including genetics, oral health, and the condition of your enamel and your susceptibility to tartar build-up, we may recommend more frequent cleanings if necessary.

Proper home care is also important. By avoiding sugary snacks, brushing and flossing regularly and with the correct techniques, and eating a variety of healthy foods you can help prevent enamel decay that will eventually become cavities. Other factors such as certain medications, oral appliances, smoking and frequent consumption of drinks other than water can increase your risk of cavities. You may need to take additional steps to counter this.

Call our office today to schedule your first exam and cleaning. We will evaluate your risk for cavities, and if you are interested, we can create a customized oral care plan to reduce the chances of decay getting the best of you and your enamel.

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