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Kids, Fear and the 1st Visit to the Dentist ...

Fear at the dental office is a learned behavior. We encourage parents coming to their re-care (cleaning, checkup) appointments to bring in their little one as early as possible. This usually means, the child sits in their chair in the corner or on the parents lap and observes. In most cases for a 1-2 year old, by the end of a 3rd "happy visit" with the parent, most little ones are eager to get in the dental chair to have their own "teeth counted and tickled". When this positive choice is made by the child, it usually translates ...

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Cavities do run in the family ... but

We often get the question from patients: "Why am I getting cavities now?" This usually comes from patients who have not had cavities in the past or for a while and brushes and flosses teeth daily. The assumption across our patient population seems to be that this is an "either, or" situation. Unfortunately it is not that simple. 

Studies have demonstrated that cavities have a genetic and environmental component. In other words, if one or both have your parents had "soft teeth", you may have them too. But this does not mean that you cannot control your risk of cavities.  

Cavities cannot exist in the absence of "sugar" and bacteria that ...

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