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Kids, Fear and the 1st Visit to the Dentist ...

Fear at the dental office is a learned behavior. We encourage parents coming to their re-care (cleaning, checkup) appointments to bring in their little one as early as possible. This usually means, the child sits in their chair in the corner or on the parents lap and observes. In most cases for a 1-2 year old, by the end of a 3rd "happy visit" with the parent, most little ones are eager to get in the dental chair to have their own "teeth counted and tickled". When this positive choice is made by the child, it usually translates ...

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Cavities do run in the family ... but

We often get the question from patients: "Why am I getting cavities now?" This usually comes from patients who have not had cavities in the past or for a while and brushes and flosses teeth daily. The assumption across our patient population seems to be that this is an "either, or" situation. Unfortunately it is not that simple. 

Studies have demonstrated that cavities have a genetic and environmental component. In other words, if one or both have your parents had "soft teeth", you may have them too. But this does not mean that you cannot control your risk of cavities.  

Cavities cannot exist in the absence of "sugar" and bacteria that ...

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To Floss or Not to Floss ... that is not the question.

There has been a lot in the news lately about the need to floss, or not. For those of you who like to know "the bottom line", we recommend you floss. If you are not flossing, start. If you are, continue. If you are not flossing because you choose not to, well, we're still living in America, the land of the free and the dentally brave. 

It is my belief that simple things, like cleaning one's mouth and it's counterpart (wiping your rear) should not be complicated or confusing. If these things do become confusing, it is likely someone is making money on the topic or doesn't completely know what they ...

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Teeth Bleaching vs Whitening

Another happy teeth beaching (whitening) customer.

Another satisfied teeth bleaching customer!

What's bleaching you ask? Bleaching is the removal of stain from outside and inside of the teeth. It's similar to bleaching your clothes. Bleaching can only be done at your dental office.

Whitening, which is the removal of outside stains from your teeth, can be done with most over the counter whitening products.

We encourage patients ...

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Alternatives to Xrays for Cavity Detection!

No Radiation Cavity Detection!

Nobody likes to get dental x-rays. But the cost of not having them outweighs the risk or root canals or losing the tooth. To show up on a dental x-ray, your tooth needs to lose 30% of it's structure. That's already a medium to large cavity which is getting dangerously close to the nerve. There are better ways! We have other options that can do a better job of detecting cavities and lessening your need for dental x-rays.

Apollonia Dental has been utilizing an intraoral camera for ...

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Insurance Transparency Would Benefit Patients Most

This piece was picked up by the Middletown Press. The unedited content is below. 

The Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) has done well to be inclusive of non-insured citizens as it transforms the healthcare landscape. There is a lot of good that has happened. There have also been some significant shortcomings that need to be addressed. While taking on millions of previously uninsured citizens onto federally funded programs, no tangible steps were taken to insure that people would have providers. We get three times as many calls into our office asking whether we take ...

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How much is a smile worth?

"Service with a smile", "Smile ... say cheese" - you've heard these sayings many times but where do they come from? Why are they so ingrained in our culture that we consider them normal communication but rarely think about what they actually mean.

If you want to understand the importance of your smile, try communicating with a newborn or an infant, or someone who does not speak your language. People instantly recognize a smile. The reason for that is all human babies are hardwired to smile to facilitate bonding with a caretaker. Adult humans also smile as a way to show appreciation, affection or just ...

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