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Wellness Program Designed for Non-Insured Patients

Wellness Program for Non Insured Patients

Are you tired of your dental insurance premiums increasing? Tired of being herded to a clinic selected by your dental insurance?

You shouldn't have to go a body shop because your auto insurance says so why do that when it comes to your health?!? I mean you don't have to take your car for repair where your insurance wants - why do you have to take your body where they tell you to?

We have had calls from patients asking if they can still come to us if they just dropped their dental insurance and the answer is "Yes!"

At Apollonia Dental, we started a Wellness Program approximately 5 years ago to server retirees and folks without dental insurance. We believe it has better preventive coverage than any dental insurance plan out here! You shouldn't have to pay a premium and then pay a portion on top of that to have the preventive care!!

NO hidden fees, waiting periods, pre-authorizations, or benefit limitations!!  100% coverage for all emergency exams and necessary x-rays in our office and up to 20% savings on most services. Sweet, huh? Questions? Click the "Get This Special" link and we'll give you a ring

Ready to join? Fill out this Registration Page to jump start he process. Or click the "Get this Special" link below, fill out the information requested, and someone will reach out to you within 3 business days.

Wishing you health!



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