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Hank .... IV Sedation Dentistry (October 2017)

on his decision to do IV sedation dentistry. Hank has done his part to maintain his dental work and we're really proud of him!

Mr. Febos talks about his experience at Apollonia Dental (October 2017)

Mr. Febos describes his decision to do something about dental health by getting denture and how things turned out for him.

Tyler's Dental Experience

Taking care of your families like they were ours!

Thank you Julia for the kind words. We work hard to care for each patient like they were a part of our own family. Kudos to you and your family for being committed to your health and allowing us to be of service!

Overcome your Dental Anxiety!

Nervous at the dentist? Our patient Erin shares her story about going from being a nervous patient to a comfortable one at Apollonia Dental. If you are ready to take control of your own dental health, call us - we can help!

The Story of The Smile on Charlie's Face

Charlie came to us about a year ago. We truly believe that a good treatment outcome is the result of efforts by the patient and providers. Charlie was a tough case but he was such a great patient that we were able to have an outstanding outcome! Thanks for the opportunity to be of service Charlie!

A Tale of Two Patients ...

Dentistry is hard, for patients and providers. Sometimes we get to hear how what we do in the office make lives just a little better for patients. This is one of those moments with two very special patients of our practice. We feel lucky to have them in our practice as well!

Getting your smile back - dental implant care and much more!

One of our long time patients shares some words about her experience with dental implants and dental care at our office.

Devon's six month braces!

Devon came to us from another practice looking for a way to straighten his teeth before his special day! While the case was a little more challenging than expected, we were able to keep Devon on track. Dr. Singh even managed to get some fashion hints from Devon!

Dortha's review of Apollonia Dental and Dr. Singh

Dortha and her husband have been coming to Apollonia Dental ever since Dr. Singh started in Middletown, CT over 11 years ago. We asked her to share some of her thoughts about our practice.

Marline's thoughts on Apollonia Dental

Marline came to a while back with a severe case of anxiety and a lot of needed dentistry. Thanks for the kind words Marline and we appreciate the opportunity to be of service!

Mary's bridge

Mary has been a patient of ours for a few years. After losing some teeth to gum disease and having laser gum treatments, she decided to replace her missing teeth with a bridge. She was kind enough to share her thoughts on her experience.

Doreen's smile makeover!

Doreen was referred to us by an existing patient. She had been avoiding the dentist for over 20 years. It was a pleasure to work with Doreen to restore her smile - thanks Doreen for letting us be of service! You look and sound great!!

Betty's new smile!

Betty came to us with recently done dental work that was falling apart. It's always traumatic for patients when this happens. Luckily, we were able to replace all of Betty's upper teeth in a day. Here is what she had to say!

Jim's Immediate Dentures

Jim came to us with fear of the dentist. His options were limited. We worked with him to find a solution so he could have teeth and his smile back. Thanks for the kind words Jim! Glad we could be of service to you!

Linda's New Smile!

Thanks Linda for sharing a few words about your experience! We were glad to be able to help and we look forward to taking care of your needs in the future! Congratulations on your new smile!!

Amy's short term braces!

Thank you Amy for the kind words! We appreciate being able to be part of your special day and the opportunity to continue taking care of your dental care needs!

Replacing Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge

There are several options available for replacing missing teeth. One of these options is dental bridge which replaces missing teeth by attaching to the remaining healthy teeth. Joan was kind enough to share her experience with a bridge at Apollonia Dental.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Greg came in for a consult on "a lot of dental work". He felt that his lack of confidence in smiling was affecting his work and personal relationships. Here's what we he had to say when we asked for his feedback on his visit ....

Last minute Partial Denture for Job Interview

4/7/2014 This patient presented to our office with some missing lower teeth. He was concerned that his appearance might undermine his ability to do well at upcoming job interviews. Dr. Singh and Lisa were able to remove some infected teeth and replace them with an interim partial in a few days so that the patient could present well professionally.

Periodontal (Gum and Bone Loss Disease) Treatment

1/30/2014 This patient went through a periodontal (gum and bone disease) treatment and maintenance regimen. By working with his hygienist and being diligent at home, he is now maintaining his gum health with almost no bleeding in his mouth. This reduces his risk of heart problems and diabetes among other medical conditions. This is a perfect example of the patient-provider partnership leading to a great result! Way to go Mr. Russo - we're very proud of you!

Comfortable "Crowning"

1/28/2014 Mr. Mitchell Wynn mentioned to us how he was impressed with how we went about getting him numb and keeping him comfortable for his crown procedure.

Dental Implants for the Anxious Patient

Some patients are extremely anxious about dental implants. Usually patients who have had teeth extracted find the implant process to be very comfortable because there is little to no pressure involved in the process.

Dental Implant Care at Apollonia Dental

We have several patients who have been pleasantly surprised with how easy and comfortable dental implants have been for them.

Great 1st impression

My first experience in the office was wonderful! I was greeted by friendly professional staff. The office is clean, organized and up to date with technology. Being new to the office I was impressed with the initial dental screening that was given. I appreciated that Dr. Singh sat with me to go over my medical history and really got to know me before he even took a look at my teeth. I was very satisfied with the extensive dental work up that was done. I wish I had switched to Dr. Singh years ago!

By Kathrine H., Oct 23, 2011

Best dentist office

From beginning to end - Apollonia Dental is the best. Every aspect is top notch. The staff and Dr Singh make it a comfortable experience and they couldn't be any nicer or more professional.

By Michele, Oct 19, 2011

Great Service and Treatment

I have always been totally satisfied with the service from Apollonia. All office staff, hygienist, nurses and especially Dr. Singh are dedicated to making sure I get the best treatment possible. They explain all facets of my treatment until I understand what I'm getting into, and give me choices where possible. I have been with this service since approx. 1978 or 1979 (back then with Dr. Zimmitti) and would not consider switching to anyone else.

By Charles B., Oct 14, 2011

Let the Light In

I enjoyed the new building that has windows to let the natural light in. I came on a rainy day and it helped. I am looking forward to coming on a sunny day. I let Laurie know that my wife no longer has insurance and I needed to pay for fluoride treatment. It was great to take care of this rather get a bill later.

By Louis P., Sep 9, 2011

Concerns addressed with CLARITY.

pro active and professional experience by the complete staff....and my concerns were addressed for present and a future care client with you.... thank you... Barbara.

By Barbara, Aug 13, 2011


Exceptional Service!

I have been with Apollonia for about 2 years now and have not EVER had a negative experience! The waiting area is never crowded and I am never in it very long. This is not a practice that "double" or "triple" books appointments resulting in delays. I am always greeted by name and with a smile.

By David, Dec 16, 2010


My former dentist retired in 2005, unfortunately, I waited 2 years to find a new one.

From the minute I walked into Apollonia Dental Office, I was greeted in a very friendly manner. This was very important to me as I get very nervous about going to the dentist, period!

Dr. Singh was very friendly, soft spoken, and very patient while listening to all of my anxieties. He explained, in depth, what he would be doing, and asked frequently, how I was doing and did I want to take a break.

His assistant took my blood pressure before and after the procedure. Mine was lower, after all was done.

I've had four crowns done and have to have one more done. I'm completely relaxed and have so much confidence in Dr. Singh.

Each time I have an appointment, it's almost like visiting with an old friend! Everyone is so friendly and helpful!

D.D. Middletown, CT


I have been a patient of this office since it's opening. I was a patient of Dr. O. LaRoche. After his retirement I moved over to Dr. Zimmitti. As he gradually went into retirement I became a patient of Dr. Singh.

I am in my 60's and came from a generation not at all excited about visiting the dentist. Past experiences were at times frightening!

In 2006 Dr. Singh advised me that I would need a tooth extracted and suggested an implant as one of my options.

In 2007 I needed another one which involved more extensive work than the first one.

I did not experience pain or discomfort with either one.

The staff knowing my fear of dentists were attentive and caring throughout both procedures especially Dr. Singh. His knowledge and his technique were first rate. Having the implants are the same as having your own teeth. the alternative would have been either a bridge or a plate.

Without a doubt, I highly recommend this procedure.

To other patients who are fearful, if i could do it, so could you!

L.A. Middletown, CT


Dear Adam,

Thought I'd take time to drop you a short note telling you how satisfied I am with the quality of dental care I am receiving at your office. Since we have started this reconstruction process involving new crowns it has been comforting knowing that I am receiving high quality care and workmanship on something as important as one's dental health. Your professional approach and extensive knowledge in the field of dental medicine, I feel, is second to none. When problems have arisen you have gained my strongest confidence in the way that you have been able to manage these in a dedicated manner.

In addition to your personal approach, you have assembled a thoughtful and responsive support staff to assist you. I always know that appointments and other concerns will be taken care of in a timely manner. These are important factors in being able to gain a patient's confidence in the services one provides.

You have my confidence. Keep up the good work.


B.P. Wallingford, CT


Dear Adam,

It was nice seeing you today. I simply want to tell you what a great staff you have. Nancy, Lori and Sue are terrific to work with. I haven't met your assistant as yet, but my wife says she's very nice.

Best wishes for a Healthy 2008 to all of you.

H.K. of Middletown, CT

Excellent Treatment at Apollonia Dental

Dr. Singh and all his staff are caring, pleasant knowledgeable and professional. What I like best about Dr. Singh is that he is not pushy about treatment. He tells you what needs to be done and lets you make the decision when and if you want it done.

By Deborah S., Oct 22, 2011

A fine experience even if it was a dentist office

I am never excited to go to the dentist. Since childhood I have dreaded each and every dentist appointment. However, I am always surprised at how Dr. Sing and the staff seem able to make me feel relaxed. I am also very confident in Dr. Sings ability to complete the task in a timely fashion with no complaints from me.

By Dorothy, Oct 6, 2011

Outstanding dentist, staff and service

I hate dentists but have fallen in love with this one and his staff. Great group of people.

By Mary R., Oct 13, 2011


I had an emergency dental issue and I was so worried I could not be seen right away. Not only did they see me the same day I called, but it was an excellent experience from beginning to end. Outstanding practice. Highly recommend. I found my new dentist!

By Joyce B., Aug 30, 2011


I have a long history of dental problems. I feel confident in the care Dr. Singh and his staff have provided to help me keep my smile. They have my trust.

By Anonymous, Aug 6, 2011


Great dentistry

Fast, professional care with a personal touch that makes you feel as part of a family.

By Theodore L., Dec 22, 2010


Hi Dr. Singh and Apollonia Dental Associates:

Thank you for introducing me to the "Nightgaurd." in the past, I knew I was grinding my teeth at night because my husband would wake me up to tell me to stop grinding my teeth. I would find myself clenching my teeth during the day, so much so, my jaw would hurt. After wearing the Nightgaurd, I find my jaws relaxed. I am able to sleep sounder and feel more rested in the morning. My husband also gets a good nights sleep. Thank you again, it really worked and I am happy with my Nightgaurd.

R.T. Middletown, CT

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